- Testimonial from Vanessa Holloschutz, Wyckoff NJ. 
- Vanessa suffered from lower back pain for years and tried every modality out there. I'm glad she finally found me, and even happier that she's feeling great! 


M.A.T - It works and you can actually feel the difference once your muscles are activated. You get a tingling feeling. It cured 90% of my back pain and sciatica within the first 3 visits. I wish more people were open to trying it so they could share in the benefits. Ken explains everything before and during so you know what to expect. You learn a lot about your body and how to take care of it.






- Testimonial from Randi Pomerantz, Franklin Lakes, N.J.
- Randi suffered from extreme shoulder pain and discomfort. After our initial meeting a year ago, she finally got on my table, and we're both glad she did! 


To say I was skeptical would be the understatement of the century ... I had heard about Ken and Muscle Activation Techniques for a year, had been advised by my trainer that I would benefit, but was not inclined to spend the time or money. When I injured my shoulder and could not lift my arm without excruciating pain, I decided to give it a try before resorting to doctors, x-rays and MRI's. After two sessions, I was symptom-free! After the third, I was discharged. I honestly would not have believed this unless I had experienced it myself!






- Testimonial from Cory Cannici, Owner of Wyckoff Personal Training/Parisi Speed School, Wyckoff, New Jersey
- Corey suffered from lower back and knee, pain and weakness


I initially started working with Ken based on a recommendation that he could help a few of my personal training clients. He worked with several people and did phenomenal work on things like the lower back, shoulder, and even tennis elbow. 

When I personally ran into a problem with my lower back, I scheduled a few sessions with him. It was truly amazing how quickly I went from "really messed up" to feeling great and getting back to heavy squats and deadlifts. I put off seeking out help for over a year and just got worse. Once I saw Ken, I noticed a significant difference over three weeks and he gave me additional exercises to do on my own to keep the back strong. 

My clients and I can't speak highly enough of Ken and Muscle Activation.






- Testimonial from Tina Jenuleson, Palisades Park, NJ (Now in Ohio)
- Tina suffered from lower back pain with extreme sciatica. Being a personal trainer and yoga instructor she tried to help her situation without much success. 


Ken Freiberg helped me get through so much back pain.... I feel blessed to just know him.






- Testimonial from Doel Rivera, Franklin Lakes, NJ
- Doel suffered from chronic lower back pain for years from being a high level Martial Artist in Karate. He currently an active student of Aikido. 


Ken has treated me in the past with great success after years of giving up on my lower back condition, I can jump again, thanks Ken!





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